Welcome welcome– it’s about time!

Hello all! This is an exciting thing for me to be starting. I’ve been saying “ya know, I should make a cooking/food blog” for AGES! Seeing as I’m only 23, ages is a relative term.

Baking has been my biggest passion for as many years and I can remember and I still have somewhat of a sweet tooth. Last year when I moved out on my own, I tackled cooking as both a necessary process and another creative outlet. I ended up loving it! Being able to mess around with ingredients and cater things to my personal taste was a blast and it allowed me more freedom than following closely to a baking recipe.


Recently, I’ve gone paleo. WAIT! BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT! For both personal and dietary reasons, I’ve adopted the paleo eating lifestyle. Notice I said lifestyle, NOT diet. Paleo is not a diet. It’s a way of life. It’s a life change.

Anyways, since going paleo, I’ve had some frustrations in the kitchen. I can’t eat the same things I used to eat (sweets, cheese, BREAD), but I’ve gotten past that and tried to tackle the paleo cooking and baking style. After some rough attempts and experimenting, I’ve started learning how ingredients like nut flours and alternative sugar and oil sources react to the cooking process. 
I’m still very much in the testing phase and am open to trying new things and discover different recipes every day. This is an exciting point in my life and I’m embracing this food journey!

So. If you’re still with me after all the rambling (yes, I ramble often), then welcome! I like snacks, I’m sassy, and my name is Stephanie. Thanks for joining me on my food and fitness journey. Hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


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