DIY Nut Butters

If you don’t have a food processor or a blender that doubles as one, then…what are you DOING?!?

A food processor is a blessing in any kitchen, especially a paleo one. It’s great for grinding nuts to make homemade nut butters, which is what I did this morning.

Without peanut butter in my diet these days, I’ve turned to alternate nut butter sources for that creamy substance and a protein packed snack or cure for a sweet tooth. I’m a huge fan of Sunbutter, but I know that’s no for everyone. It has an odd taste, but it’s delicious if you take the time to get used to it!

Almond butter is my other go-to. It’s creamy and filling and apparently easy to make! I’m running low on my supply (I eat Barney Butter— which is slightly sweet and salty, as compared to the unsalted varieties) and it gets expensive to buy jar after jar to stock the kitchen. So I decided to make some of my own

I’ve seen some recipes floating around online and in cookbooks advising how best to tackle making your own nut butters. Drawing on a couple that stuck with me, I decided to wing it on this one.




Steph’s Almond-Walnut Butter:

2 cups almonds (I use raw, natural, unsalted)

2 cups walnuts (also raw, unsalted)

1 heaping amount of cinnamon (I always load up the cinnamon in my recipes so I tossed it in for taste and added what tasted best, probably about a heaping tablespoon-ish)

1 dash of vanilla extract (again, I go by taste– I probably used a teaspoon and a bit)

1 dash of sea salt (I added this in the last few minutes– it’s not necessary, but the storebought almond butter I usually buy has added sea salt so this gave me that perfect flavor I had been trying to recreate)


Combine all ingredients in a food processor– mine only held as much as I added, but feel free to up your nut ratios to fit your taste
Blend about 5-8 minutes, checking occasionally to make sure the blade is still grinding. Scrape sides with a spoon every few minutes to ensure things are mixing properly.
When butter reaches desired texture, scoop out and store. I stored mine in a large mason jar. The grinding process made my almond-walnut butter warm so I let the butter set out in the open jar for a while. I store my nut butters in the fridge for longer shelf life, if you will

Feel free to play with your own combinations of nuts– cashews and pecans also make delicious butters! Also play with additions such as spices, extracts, and zests like orange and lemon. If you prefer a chunkier butter, add whole nuts towards the end of the process until you reach desired consistency.


My almond-walnut butter turned out great for the first go at it! Making your own nut butters is easy and fun and I can’t wait to try other nut combinations in the future. Next time….cashews!! MMM my fave!


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