New here

I’m still figuring out how everything works with this kind of blog. I’ve had a tumblr for years, but that isn’t a “true” blogging platform and everything is basically set up and done for you. Messing around with the links and pages and coding a bit on here is a little new for me so bear with me while I get my act together!


I find probably about 80% of my recipes through pinterest and blogs I link to from pinterest so you’ll find most of my shenanigans over there! I’m going to work through making links on here and post the link to my pinterest in the links section, so look for it there if you’re interested! I’m also working on creating a blogroll with links to blogs I like. I started playing with that and set up a linked page for paleohacks, which is a good place to go if you have questions about food, fitness, lifestyle, anything related to paleo and eating well and general wellbeing!


Let’s give this blogging thing a real go, shall we…?


3 thoughts on “New here

  1. Speaking as a non tech savvy person,
    I can say that you’ll be happier if I don’t help
    (because I really know nada about tech)
    but I can say hi and welcome 🙂

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