Smoothies changed my life! (And maybe they’ll change yours too…)

I have a confession to make: I still eat yogurt. I know, I know, it’s not technically paleo, but for someone who’s had serious stomach problems the past few years, yogurt is one of the only foods I knew I could stomach without serious consequences. It’s also one of the only foods I can eat at breakfast time and not spend the rest of the morning regretting my choices

ANYWAYS. There is a point to this confession…
I started paleo with dairy still in my diet– especially for the yogurt, but I also wasn’t ready to give up the cheese in the first few weeks. Now I’ve ditched the dairy (except my semi-regular skinny lattes, occasional frozen yogurt, of course, the yogurt, which is fat free and low cal and it barely feels like I’m eating dairy anyways…). I don’t really miss it! After I got rid of the cheese, I kind of stopped missing it and realized cheese wasn’t adding much to my diet nutritionally even though this is a girl who could eat a whole cheese block by herself….but hey, I’ve changed my ways! Having a lactose intolerant boyfriend doesn’t hurt either, so thanks babe, you helped me ditch the dairy ๐Ÿ˜‰

However, I do use yogurt in my smoothies, which is what this post is REALLY about

My mom purchased a ninja blender a few weeks ago– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We use it every single day now. It makes incredible smoothies and doubles as a heavy duty food processor, which is fabulous for me and all my kitchen experiments


This this is my baaaaaaby! I should probably name it at this point, honestly ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyways, smoothies. Getting back to the point….

So that being said about my sensitive stomach, I used to skip breakfast. WHICH IS BAD. I REPEAT. BAD!
After years of my mother attempting to force me to consume some form of breakfast, I went on the yogurt kick paired with my morning coffee. Well, I was running out of steam only an hour or so later with my skimpy breakfast so smoothies were the perfect solution to punching up my mornings

This isn’t much of a recipe post, per se, but suggestions and combinations I’ve tried:

  • I always use yogurt at my smoothie base– plain vanilla was my go-to at first, but mixing up the base yogurt flavors makes for interesting taste combinations so I suggest that as well!
  • If you’re a purist or don’t like/eat yogurt, or you’re a non-paleo who reads this blog (hi and thanks!) almond milk, coconut milk, or related liquids are a good option. The smoothies don’t thicken the same way with the milks as they do with the yogurt so adding things such as nut butters, protein powders, or full-fat coconut aids in that process
  • Trying different combinations of fruit and adding more of each fruit also thickens the smoothies.
  • Be careful with the amount ice you use— I use frozen berries and only a bit of ice if none of my fruit is frozen or else it turns into more of a slush

If you’re in need of a “recipe”…I honestly just toss all my ingredients into the basin of the blender/processor and adjust ingredients to my liking.

Typically, I’ll put one whole yogurt (I use dannon’s light and fit— it’s the perfect creamy consistency and I love the taste and flavors!)
I follow that by my fruit. My berries are usually frozen, as we keep them in serving-size freezer bags after we buy them fresh and cut them up for later usage. You can also use frozen berries if you buy them that way. Freezing your bananas makes them better, I think, so sometimes I freeze those in a ziploc bag (PEELED FIRST!) and toss some banana pieces in. Otherwise I add fresh fruit, such as orange sections, fresh cut pineapple (and I add some of the pineapple juice in), or whatever else I have in the kitchen.

Once your blender or processor is full of smoothie goodies, blend to desired consistency and enjoy! I always drink mine through a straw. It seems necessary!

You can also add cinnamon or vanilla or any combination of your own choosing for an extra kick, depending on your flavor pallet.

Here are some of my favorite combinations so far:

  • Strawberry-orange-pineapple
  • Banana-raspberry
  • Blueberry-passion fruit (that passion fruit yogurt added an insanely delicious taste!)
  • Tart cherry-lime-banana (my mom’s favorite)
  • Orange-pineapple-coconut
  • Pumpkin-banana (trust me, it’s delicious, I promise! I used this recipeย and catered the ingredients to my taste)

I haven’t ventured into green smoothie land yet….but the kale and spinach are waiting in the fridge to jump into a Steph Smoothie so maybe soon!

As for this morning’s smoothie……hmmm. Maybe Triple Berry with blueberry, strawberry, blackberry mmm! I’ll let you know how it tastes!

I’m also cooking lunch for my brother this afternoon. I wanted to find something I can eat and something he won’t be weirded out to try and I think I found the perfect meal….so look out for a followup post with my smoothie and bro-lunch reports!


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