Here’s to winging it!

The past year or so of my life has been spent basically winging it, in more than one aspect. This also applies to the kitchen. When I first moved out on my own it was a personal challenge to learn to cook and experiment with food. Either that or I wouldn’t eat. Or I’d spend tons of money eating out. I was DETERMINED to teach myself to cook or at least start navigating the side of the kitchen that didn’t use sugar flour and eggs as my basis for nourishment.

I’m happy to say that with some creativity, a little help from cookbooks and recipe blogs, and a LOT of help from my mom, I discovered that cooking was pretty great and I loved being creative in a new way. I also discovered that I had much more liberty with cooking than with baking and I basically went crazy with my food experiments. Mostly they went well, save a few disastrous, tasteless meals that led to frozen pizza and chinese takeout a couple of times

So now here I am again, experimenting!

Now that I’m paleo, it’s harder to experiment, but now that I’m learning how these new ingredients work, I can go back to my old ways of just tossing things together from whatever I have in the kitchen, especially since we keep the kitchen stocked with mostly healthy, accessible ingredients

Tonight I wasn’t particularly hungry, but knew I had to eat something. I had some ground turkey calling my name, but wasn’t feeling up to eating a whole meal. Normally I would pair a dish like this with spaghetti squash or something similar, but tonight I concocted what I’m going to call…

Cavegirl Carnivore Meat Sauce!

The following is less of a recipe and more of a tossing together of ingredients and it’s easy to do whatever you want with a recipe like this. It’s versatile and I kind of went with a basic idea and did the rest as I went along…delicious in the end, I assure you! And the great thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t have to be only for paleo folks! 


Start with…

  • Ground turkey (I only made a serving enough for myself, but you could make the whole package and adapt to that
  • Tomato sauce (I use Hunt’s– there’s no added sugar! Hooray! Or you can feel free to make your own or use whatever sauce you’re a fan of)
  • Diced tomatoes, if you like a chunky sauce like I do
  • Thinly sliced deli meats, of your choosing. I used turkey, ham, and salami– I love me some lunchmeat!
  • Spices, spices, spices!!! This is really where your own palette comes into play. I love Italian spices and spicy spices so I used Adobo, Cracked Black Pepper, Chili Powder, and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes. 

So basically I browned the turkey in a saucepan over medium heat until it was cooked through
In a small bowl I combined my sauce, tomatoes, and spices to get the right mix. I stirred those together and set the bowl aside
Next I sliced and diced the deli meats until they were more like shavings. I tossed those into the bowl of sauce and mixed to combine
I poured the sauce mixture over the turkey in the saucepan, heat still on medium, and stirred to coat the entire mixture in the sauce.
I continued to cook the mixture over medium heat just to combine the flavors and heat the dish through



Sounds a bit odd, maybe, but I PROMISE it was delicious and I could have eaten three bowls had I made enough (good thing I didn’t!!!)

Even though it was a fly-by-the-seat concoction, I’ll definitely make this again and maybe serve it with spaghetti squash! Mine came out a bit on the soupy/chili/stew side because I added some of the juice from the diced tomatoes, but I didn’t mind a bit! I slurped and gobbled it up, spicy spices and all!


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