FYI: frozen bananas are heaven!

I know, I know, I’m way behind on the times with this one. But to be fair, I never ate bananas growing up. Bananas were one of those foods I had trouble with because of texture. Which is also why I basically only ate one kind of fruit (apples) until…about a year ago.

The past year has been full of discovery with foods, especially healthy foods, most especially fruits and veggies! But the texture of a banana still weirds me out. I can blend it in a smoothie, mix it into porridge, or even eat anything banana flavored, but I don’t ENJOY eating a banana as is


I freeze my bananas to throw into smoothies because it makes the smoothie creamy and the banana taste adds a nice sweetness to something with berries or other fruits in it. Well, just now while I was grabbing a post-dinner snack, I decided to taste a piece of frozen banana (I cut mine before freezing so I can use however much I want instead of trying to cut a frozen banana later.) Everyone keeps saying that frozen bananas are like little ice cream treat replacements and BOY were they right!

I feel sinful snacking on these delicious little morsels– but not sinful enough to stop!
So there’s my bit for the day: frozen bananas, man. 


2 thoughts on “FYI: frozen bananas are heaven!

    • Freezing them will change your LIFE! Especially for someone who doesn’t like bananas (like me) or is new to them (like you!) The freezing makes them creamier especially for smoothies and recipes and the freezing makes them little sinful snacks 😉

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