Kick the can (literally)

Alas, I’ve hit a weak spot. I’ve fallen back into the devil’s trap that is diet coke


I know, I know! It’s TERRIBLE for you! It’s full of ingredients I can’t pronounce or understand, it has no nutritional value, and it’s literally loaded with chemicals that can un-rust pennies– how could I ever think to poison my body with that?

Welp. College. College wrecked me. You could say I was addicted. Between that and the coffee, I was running on fumes most of the time.

Well, about 9 months ago I decided to kick the soda habit entirely. I went cold turkey– from 3-4 sodas A DAY to zero. And it was actually not too hard and extremely liberating! After a while, I didn’t crave it. I switched to seltzers, flavored water, and a variety of teas and coffees (and of course tons of good ol plain water!)

So anyways, I was going strong for about 4 months. I could easily turn down the offer of a diet soda (diet, only, of course– I haven’t had a real, true soft drink since I was probably 16)
I stopped spending tons of money every week on drinks from the gas station and 12-packs at the grocery store.

Then I started work as a creative arts director at an overnight summer camp– long, exhausting hours like I’d never known….! I needed caffeine all the time! One day I broke and said “yes” to a diet pepsi and I spiraled back into my bad habits, drinking a couple sodas a day, again…

I recently kicked the habit once again when I decided to go paleo. There’s varying opinions on whether or not an occasional diet drink is allowed in this primal lifestyle– to each his own. I was doing great without the soda and I felt clean and healthy. I occasionally craved one, had a sip or two, and walked away, unsatisfied. But after a while, I started craving it more and then slowly working it back into my diet and hit a funk– regular diet sodas were back….with a vengeance….

I’ve been craving it more lately and am tempted to go out and buy a 12-pack to keep in the house– but instead I’m going to kick the can (habit) again! Starting….today! Hopefully I can stick with it this time!

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Kick the can (literally)

  1. Good luck!! My husband is addicted to Diet Coke…. 8am and you hear the infamous sound of an opening can. You should also try “Bai” for a kick of caffeine – it’s my new go-to drink!!!

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