Yoga challenge

I’ve recently heard a lot of buzz about the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I’m not entirely sure how it originated or where’s the best resource to get the info, but with a little googling, I’m thinking it’s basically yoga every day for a month, in some way shape and form. Which doesn’t seem bad at all!

However, with my already intense exercise routine, I think I’ll find it hard to manage doing yoga daily as well. But it seems that this “challenge” as they call it isn’t a HUGE commitment. I’ve been hearing 15 minutes a day works.

I still consider myself a novice yogi, although I tend to gravitate towards workouts labeled intermediate or even advanced. I do p90x 6 days a week and one of those days is a yoga day, which I’ve fallen in love with! I hated it at first, mostly because it was harder than I’d expected (and I’m flexible!) and it didn’t give me the burn of a usual cardio or strength training workout. But over the past few months as I’ve settled into a routine that includes yoga at least once a week, I’ve started loving it, especially how I was becoming more flexible, intune with my body, relaxing, and generally just feeling better now that I had become a yogi (such a great word)

So here’s my challenge for myself: add more yoga into the mix!
I won’t say I’m going full 30 days because I workout daily anyways, but adding 15 minutes or a half hour here and there can’t hurt and it certainly will help improve my yoga skills and flexibility, methinks

I set off now on my own personal yoga challenge. I want to build more of a yoga skill set, gain more flexibility, and enjoy more of the perks that yoga brings!



OH! And please please please feel free to suggest yoga resources! I really only switch between 2-3 different yoga workouts and I’d like to get more variety. Maybe I’ll even try hot yoga this month…seems the right time to try it! Other yoga tips and suggestions are gladly welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Yoga challenge

  1. I actually wrote about a 30 day yoga challenge in my blog if you are interested. To pursue yoga, you don’t actually have to do 90 minutes or an hour. I believe the P90X Yoga is 90 minutes. You can do 15 minutes too. You’ll benefit from 15 minutes too. I highly recommend any yoga DVD by Rodney Yee who is sponsored by Gaiam (a wellness company). I’m a huge fan of his. I’m trained by YogaFit and they have some great DVDs too and are easy to follow. I have several of their DVDs (Flex and Flow, Advanced…). Check them out.
    As for online, I like YogaToday. Maybe once I figure out how to do it, I may post YouTube videos of some of my yoga classes or sequences. Right now, I am blogging for the first time. I started in September and it has been a great/fun journey so far. Very happy you are discovering yoga. I wish you the best in your practice.

    • Wow, thanks so much! The long sessions with p90x definitely get a little tiring, but I am really looking forward to some quicker sessions. I’ll check it out, thanks again!

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