Bulk is best

Now that I’m constantly stocking and restocking a paleo/clean/healthy kitchen and pantry, I’m reaping the benefits of buying in bulk!

My mom always said (and still does– smartest lady I know, honestly) that the best way to buy nuts and dried fruit and the like is in bulk. And I didn’t care or have the need to care before, but now that I buy many of my own groceries for the pantry and my cooking/baking endeavors, I am taking her advice!

I just placed an order on amazon for some more nuts flours! I go through them so FAST and buying them adds up quickly…


Now, Amazon doesn’t always have the best prices, but I had a gift card from Christmas and after comparing the prices in the stores (Ocean State Job Lot, Whole Foods, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Fresh Market) and online (nuts.com– just discovered it today! Great resource!), Amazon seemed to be my best option this time around. With my gift card, plus the super saver shipping, it ended up being my best bet all around

Now, I’ve been doing some looking around for the best prices, products, and places for my bulk kitchen needs

So far, my research has shown me the following:

Best place to buy nuts:

  • Ocean. State. Job. Lot! If you don’t know what it is, or don’t have one around you, it’ similar to a Big Lots or the like. It’s a huge discount price store that sells everything from clothing to cleaning goods to cards and craft supplies to….food! They have a large selection of health food, too– Bob’s Red Mill products are sold there, as are many gluten-free and allergy-friendly supplies! Bonus: ALL OF THEIR SPICES ARE $1!!! This is the place to stock up on all your pantry needs, or, like me…pick up some spices you’ve always wanted to try, but either couldn’t find or couldn’t find at a low price! (I bought curry powder and poppyseeds the other day– never thought I’d say that!)
  • CVS (or, probably, other pharmacy/drug store like Walgreens, but I haven’t checked on that)– strange, I know, but when they have big sales on their food products and snacks, their prices for nuts and raisins and related snacks can’t be beat! This is where my mom and I stock up on almonds, raisins, trail mixes, etc when they’re on sale. Plus the CVS card points rack up pretty quickly and help save extra cents!
  • Specialty store bulk bins– this is a hit or miss option, in my opinion. I like to buy my nuts in bulk at Fresh Market, which is like a smaller Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s. This all depends on what I’m looking for that day, where I’m shopping, and what’s on sale. I got lucky and the cashews were on sale last week so I STOCKED UP big time. I also like purchasing mine in the bulk bins because 1. I can fill up the bags myself, choosing how much I want instead of buying the pre-portioned and priced bags and 2. I have so many choices! Whether I want raw cashews, halved pecans, sea salted almond slices, fruit and nut heart health mix, dry roasted YOU NAME IT….I can find it in the bulk bins! This is also a great way for me to scope out the trail mix offerings so I get ideas to make my own– the ones in the store are typically filled with either combinations of things I don’t eat (i.e. peanuts, craisins, banana chips, dried [insert fruit here] with added sugars). But browsing through the bins gives me ideas for my own mixin and matchin snacks!
    I would honestly be happy with a big ol bag of cashews & raisins and I’d be set for life 😉
    But the bulk bin prices aren’t always the lowest, so keep an eye out for sales and make sure to compare compare compare!

That’s where I’ve been doing my shopping mostly, with the exception now of finally ordering online. I checked out nuts.com for bulk purchasing and the prices were pretty good and the selection wasn’t bad– I’ve also heard their customer service and shipping is phenomenal. However, this time around the Amazon purchase made the most sense to me. But maybe I’ll try that next time…

As for my almond and coconut flour, I pick it up wherever it’s cheapest or wherever is convenient for when I run out (typically Ocean State or the grocery store specialty food section). I buy Bob’s Red Mill, but haven’t tried other options– any other brands worth a shot??

Same goes for coconut oil. This is the tricky one! I’m fortunate enough to have 3 grocery stores all relatively close to each other when I’m out running my errands so comparing prices isn’t a huge hassle, but for those who have more limited options, I choose the lowest price I can find at the time. Sometimes I get lucky and score a great deal, finding it for a mere $6-7, but usually I pay $8-9 for a 14 oz jar. If it’s any more than $9, I pass until I find it elsewhere.



Thankfully coconut oil tends to last a while in my house, but I foresee that changing in the future…now that I have so many ways to use it, not just cooking either– did you know coconut oil is great for your skin and hair, too?



That’s kind of where I’m at right now!

Where do you buy your products for stocking the kitchen? Do you buy in bulk? Any other suggestions?


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