Papa Bear’s Granola & Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie!

Yes, as in granola with the oats and grains!

Granola and oats/oatmeal in general are one of the things I occasionally miss now that I eat paleo. Not enough to eat them again, but I miss em a bit.
However, my dad (Papa Bear, as we sometimes call him, among other nicknames) has a LOVE AFFAIR with oatmeal and homemade granola! I make him oatmeal a lot when we’re home together on the weekend or mom isn’t home and I finally taught him to make it on his own this time– shocking what a little kitchen education can do!

For any holiday, special occasion, or whenever he’s running low, I whip up a big batch of homemade granola for my dad. I started a few Christmases ago and he requests it constantly! It’s an easy, homemade present, but it also feeds the bear and I feel great knowing he appreciates and enjoys my cooking and baking!

He’s running low right now and with his birthday next week, I just made another batch for him! I had a recipe I used for the first two batches, but since cannot find it ANYWHERE! So I’ve modified it and made similar batches every time, changing the recipe slightly each time
My dad told me I could go crazy with this next batch and do whatever I wanted so I added a some new things here and there

I used this recipe from skinnymomskitchen


I added lots more cinnamon, as I always do. I love the addition of the almond extract in this recipe! And of course, I added some vanilla extract, because NO recipe is complete without it 😉
I also chopped and soaked a 3-raisin blend of jumbo raisins, jumbo golden raisins, and jumbo crimson raisins and added them to the mix towards the end. Oh. And I didn’t bake mine the full 35, as it started to burn. I baked it for about 28 and it seemed just right

I think he’ll be happy with this batch!


And for tonight’s dinner, I finally attempted Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie! I figured there was a paleo-fied version and I had found a recipe weeks ago and forgotten about it until my mom said “Hey, I bet we can make a shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes!” Why yes, mom, WE CAN! And we did!


I used this recipe from over at PrimalPal! (And my food photography isn’t so horrible tonight…thanks dad’s camera!)

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 5.17.10 PM

I used ground turkey instead of ground beef, as a personal preference. My only advice with this dish is to use a slightly smaller glass baking dish than usual. My finished dish just barely spread enough to fill the dish, but I didn’t have an alternate dish that would bake the same.

And the broiling tip on the recipe is a great tip! Kudos to that!

Mmm! I thought it was delicious– smooth, sweet, creamy, and healthy!!
Definitely a belly pleaser for this girl 🙂 And momma and papa bear liked it too! Second and third helpings all around!


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