Sensible snacking

Okay, I’ll admit– I LOVE to snack! Hence, my blog name! A little bite of this here, a nibble of that there, a lick or sick or slurp, etc. But they all add up (bummer!)

So how do we manage to snack throughout the day in a healthy way?

The answer, my friends, is portion control! And…self control 😉

I know it’s best to eat every few hours or so to keep your blood sugar up and keep you from crashing, etc etc. Well, from personal experience and due to personal digestion/stomach issues, my body just doesn’t get hungry that often. It’s difficult for me most days to eat breakfast then a midday snack AND THEN LUNCH, another snack, AND DINNER! It’s usually too much food and my belly is in protest!! Forcing myself to eat that often leaves me bloated, unhappy, and weighed down.

However, when I do need a snack on the go or have a long time between meals (or, after dinner, when I just can’t seem to stay out of the kitchen and the night eating monster comes out…), I’m always searching for something that will fill me up, but not leave me bloated…..especially before bed or on my way to an activity

I’ve started setting aside snacks in portion sized snack baggies— everything from raisins and trail mix, to carrots and celery sticks, to even banana slices and the like. Now, in theory this should work. Grab a bag, get outta the kitchen, and snack away! Well, as I’m sure many of you have experienced…it’s hard to eat JUST ONE serving!
I’ve been trying to be better at this– really, I have! The carrot stick snack bags are a perfect addition to whatever I’m having for lunch aka usually a protein and a piece of fruit. The side of veggies perfectly complements the meal and is a grab-n-go solution for other instances.
Same goes for my serving size raisin snack bags. (Okay, I tend to eat two of these at once most times…but like I said, I’m workin on it!)

Fruit is easy to do a single serving of– an apple, pear, banana, peach, etc is a one serving kinda deal. That’s easy to throw in my purse or tote out the door when I need something to hold me over between meetings, errands, etc.

But I always find myself going back to the snack cabinet even when I know, deep down, I’m full.
I think the solution here, aside from the healthy snacking portions I’ve been creating is simply practicing more mindful eating. Some days I’m great and I can walk away, but lately the snack monster inside me has been craving everything! It’s easy to grab a handful of raisins, then a handful of nuts, then a spoonful or two or three of nut butter…but see, they add up!

My challenge, I guess you could say, now is to take these sensible snacking ideals and apply them with mindful eating

  • Learn to say no
  • Figure out when your body is full
  • Wait. Wait. Wait. Before going back for seconds or returning to the kitchen or roaming around the house bored and looking for something to snack on
  • Oh and HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! Water, water, water, tea, water, water, water

This post became more of a ramble for myself than really anything else, but hey, I gotta put it somewhere!

Here’s to healthful snacking, good choices, and mindful eating! Be well out there, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Sensible snacking

  1. Oh I have this same problem with snacking! Not hungry just fancying something to nibble …. And then perhaps something else…. It’s difficult but like you, I’m working on it!

  2. I’m the same way in that I can’t eat those 6 small meals. I tried. I just can’t. I really only want one meal per day, which is terrible when trying to lose weight. I love the idea of making snack baggies. I keep saying I will do it but I never do.

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