Yoga: Day 6!

Today marks my 6th day in my personal yoga challenge: I feel great! Every day for the past 6 days I’ve done at least 10 minutes of yoga, but most days I did anywhere from 20-60 minutes!
Thursdays are my yoga days in my workout circuit so today was a yoga-centric workout. And today came along at the perfect time– I am SORE as ever this week. My lower back is screaming and yoga is what I need

I’ve felt great so far, getting those few minutes of yoga in daily. My mind is clearer, my muscles feel better, and I can tell I’m getting more flexible! I also generally feel greater, mentally knowing I’m going out of my way to work yoga into my life. It’s an incredible feeling 🙂

I’ve been trying to mix it up, add new yoga into my routine. The p90x yoga is great, but I’m tired of it. I’ve been testing out new yoga routines (online, on demand, on dvd, from suggestions). I’ve done a few on demand off my digital cable this week and I’ve enjoyed them. I like working out with John Vitarellli and I like finding a variety of routines that I enjoy so I can shuffle through them at will. So far, so good!

Today I tried out Yoga For Runners with Jennifer Galardi (and if you click the link, there’s tons of interesting info on her, too– she’s a really cool chick!)

I’ve never done any of her workouts before, but I’ve seen her name floating around out there.
This workout was excellent!
Although I’m not much of a runner, I dabble a bit when it’s warmer out and I do 5ks and similar races every now and again. I mainly did this to check out the types of stretches she does and get back in touch with my running muscles
I loved this one! The stretches were great, I felt wonderful, I even started sweating a bit. Plus, a lot of the exercises really worked on opening my hips which felt incredible!

After 36 minutes of that, I decided to try out another quick one. I picked another on demand workout I had access to.
This was 20 minutes of Exhale: Core Fusion– Energy Flow Yoga


This was a bit different, but I also enjoyed it. It’s led by a married couple. The description said it would combine yoga/cardio/core and even in the quick 20 minutes, it sure did! I had never done “cardio core yoga” but I ended up enjoying it!
It was a little like being in a yoga aerobics class and was borderline cheesy, but it was a great little workout

I’m excited to see that yoga is affecting my life positively and rapidly!
I’m thoroughly enjoying my yoga journey and am looking forward to experimenting with more types and styles of yoga and reaching my fitness goals!

Longterm goals include: mastering, first, the forearm stand and eventually crow/crane, and finally to forearm stand split pose

Fitness goals: with a step by step guide via fit sugar

Fitness goals: with a step by step guide via fit sugar



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