The Yogurt Conundrum

As I’ve said before I LOVE YOGURT!
Even since going (mostly) dairy-free, I can’t kick yogurt out of my diet. I’ve loved it so long and it tastes good and makes the perfect smoothie and doesn’t bother my stomach, which is the most important reason I keep it in my diet

However, I’ve come to a dilemma: nutrition v calories v price v taste

Now, it seems obvious that nutrition should always take the cake in shopping decisions. However, the Dannon Light and Fit yogurt is my stand-by brand. It’s lower in calories, comes in great flavors, tastes good, is usually on sale, and it makes a delicious, creamy addition to my smoothies! My mom and I stock the fridge with the little purple containers on a weekly basis and we are hooked!

I’ve been avoiding checking the ingredients because I wasn’t ready to see how “bad” it was for me. I wasn’t ready to give it up yet! But I looked today. And now I don’t know if I can continue eating it….


Fructose? Modified constarch? GELATIN?
I avoided reading the nutrition label for this reason. Sigh. Can I continue to eat this? Maybe, maybe not, depending on my mood and if I really want that flavor (in smoothies, as a snack, etc. I’m sure I’ll be able to let it go slowly…)

Now. I checked into the Greek variety that Dannon Light and Fit makes. I figured “hey, greek might be better for ya!” so I went in on a mission. 
The nutrition in the Greek is, sadly, not much better. 
Only 80 calories for a Greek yogurt? Knew it had to be too good to be true!


Additives…..ick. Not as bad as the original Light and Fit varieties, but still not 100% nutritionally appealing.


At this point, I was getting a bit frustrated. I stood in the yogurt aisle, which…is OVERWHELMING, let me tell you…..and pondered what move to make next.




I’ve enjoyed Chobani in the past, but wanted to check those labels too, just to be thorough. And to compare prices



Some of those ingredients still concern me (locust bean gum…?) but this option seemed much less threatening than the low calorie options I’d been choosing based on….just the calories. I’ve tried to be more aware of nutritional value than calories in what I purchase now. It’s easy to be blinded by LOW CAL and LOW SUGAR and LOW CARB options. As we know, they aren’t always the healthiest choice, although they seem they should be…!


So I decided to go with the store brand. I shop at ShopRite and enjoy their store brand Greek yogurt. I bought plain, honey, and vanilla flavors to start. I’m sure plain is all I really need and I’m sure I can recreate the honey taste on my own, but HONEY GREEK IS SO DELICIOUS! So for now, I bought that and we’ll see what happens


Eating healthy and making smarter choices can get frustrating, like I realized today. Even over something seemingly menial like yogurt choice! But I need to be willing to put up with the red tape if the goals are to be healthier and smarter and more nutritious

Hopefully switching to greek (at least, for now– and trying to wean myself off the low calorie additive yogurt) will be a good decision! 


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