Hmm…what’s for lunch?

Some days I have such a hard time choosing what to eat for lunch. Sometimes it’s because I’m sick of eating the same thing DAY AFTER DAY, sometimes it’s because I have TOO many options (more often than not…and then I overeat oops!), sometimes I’m just not that hungry but need to dash off somewhere midday and need to eat…something!

Thus, the lunch dilemma.

And on top of that, today is the first day of Lent! Now, I am not a practicing Catholic anymore even though I went to Catholic school for years and was brought up in a very spiritual family. I don’t practice any religion anymore, but my mother is still a very faith-oriented woman. She still actively participates in Lent and had taught me over the years that it’s not about giving something up, but bettering yourself. Almost like a followup new year’s resolution, if you will


So I’ve decided to re-invest myself in Lent, sort of. I’m not giving something up like I used to, but I am taking this opportunity over the next 40 days to better myself!
My new year’s resolutions of practicing patience, opening up better communication lines, expressing my emotions through words, and maintaining a healthy/fit lifestyle are going well!
But it never hurts to have ongoing goals or things to work on as they arise

Hence, my Lenten goals:

  • Minimize screen time (especially computer and tv)
  • Practice more mindful eating

I look forward to bettering myself over these next few weeks

However. That was only part of the reason I made this post…
There is a food component, too!


Ash Wednesday (today) and Fridays during Lent are supposed to be meatless. Well, now that I’m paleo, I find it harder to go meatless, plus I LOVE MEAT, so I choose not to go meatless.
But since today IS Ash Wednesday, I’m attempting to not eat meat today and the Fridays that follow through Lent.
However, with the aforementioned lunch dilemma, I was having a hard time finding a nutritious, filling, protein-rich lunch idea that didn’t involve meat. I typically do leftovers for lunch or roll up some lunch meat along with my veggies, fruit, and nuts

Today I thought “what can I eat that ISN’T meat?”
And here we are:


Never before would I have thought to munch on a sweet potato at lunch! I typically classify that as a “dinner food” but paleo eating has helped me think outside the box and reclassify foods. Leftovers for breakfast? I’m not there yet…but I can get onboard with the dinner for lunch and the breakfast for dinner, definitely!

And you can’t beat the SIZE of that apple!! I know I’ll be nice and full through the afternoon 🙂
And yes, that’s a Minnie Mouse mug– my favorite! I’m always drinking something hot throughout the day, usually just hot water with lemon works for me, but occasionally green/herbal teas, too. I drink SO MUCH WATER throughout the day to stay hydrated, but when it’s this cold, the hot water does the trick just as well (or I’ve most likely got two drinks going– one hot, one cold!) Huzzah, hydration!


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