The Dessert Ditch

Lately I’ve found myself searching out “healthy” desserts and paleo treats and vegan/raw/etc etc etc sweets.
I’ve found a lot of treats that sound interesting, yet…I never get around to making them!

I make Paleo Pie at the holidays so I don’t feel left out during dessert and so other people can taste what I’m eating (and secretly enjoy the paleo lifestyle muahaha) and I like a treat at night, like fruit or nuts. And sometimes I like to test out recipes just to see what the fuss is all about.
And I’m a baker at heart– baking is my FAVORITE thing to do in the entire world.
However. I guess I’m just not a dessert person!


I know. It sounds AWFUL! I love baking, but I like doing it as an activity and giving my treats to other people. I rarely bake for myself. Baking in and of itself is a therapeutic and creative outlet for me and that’s why I do it! It makes me happy!
And now that I’ve gone paleo, I don’t even MISS the treats!

It’s a strange realization I’ve come to lately, but it’s accurate
I just don’t miss or crave the sweets!

I guess part of it is that my body doesn’t crave it (or maybe didn’t ever crave dessert in the usual amounts), but another part seems to be that I feel like falling back into the comforts of my old eating habits by making my trusty standby snacks and desserts “paleo” seems pointless

I’ve changed my eating habits so drastically that “treats” and desserts don’t feel like real food to my anymore. It’s like I don’t even see them as an option and it feels pointless to paleo-fy a dessert if I don’t need to be eating dessert anyways

I know, I know– some of you are thinking I’m nutty cuckoo crazy. Shrug. It’s a personal thing, I guess. I see why there are billions of paleo dessert and treat recipes out there– people still want that satisfaction of dessert without the guilt (but does that really even out? I’d beg to differ…)

Maybe it’s all a personal thing for me. I’m just not super into sweets! And I don’t see making a paleo-approved dessert as much progress in changing my eating lifestyle.
It is what it is. Just putting that out there. Thought process as of lately šŸ™‚


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