Belated V-Day

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend lives in the Midwest, I’m in New England, and we only see each other about every month or so for a few days at a time.
Well anyways, I flew out to see him yesterday so we’d get part of Valentine’s Day together, even though neither of us are super-crazy into the holiday. Okay, he doesn’t like it. And now that I’m older I could care less, but I still think it’s cute and sweet on some level

Now that I’m here, I’ve convinced him to let me make dinner for him tonight as my gift to him (aside from being here, which is a gift in and of itself!) Stubborn as he is and after insisting all he wanted was CEREAL for dinner…..I finally got him to let me do this for him

While he was at work earlier, I did my errands and got things ready

I made steak and masssssive sweet potatoes for dinner– mm!!
But what I was more excited about was dessert! He’s got a wicked sweet tooth and I know he loves bananas and peanut butter. So I made something we could enjoy together

I keep seeing these frozen chocolate-dipped banana-peanut-butter-bites so I decided to do them with almond butter instead!

They’re super simple!
I sliced 2 bananas, froze them on a parchment lined sheet, then took them out of the freezer, spread almond butter to make the sandwich bites, capped with another banana slice. I melted chocolate, dipped them, and popped em back in the freezer. EASY PEASY

And so delicious!! (I left half undipped for me, but they were all DEVOURED within minutes!)


*Excuse my return to crappy food photography– my usage of my dad’s fabulous digital camera is currently unavailable to me so….crappy cell photo edits, yeah!


I used the MaraNatha no stir almond butter this time. MaraNatha is my new favorite almond butter brand! I go with the raw, roasted because there’s no added organic cane sugar, but he had the no stir here so I improvised (I also get a teensy bit lax about being a label-hound when I visit him– it’s so hard to be 100% strict alllll the time!)
And the Bakers Melting Chocolate is perfect for this! It melts in less than 2 minutes and hardens almost instantly


And VOILA– the finished project! This was so messy, but I had a blast doing it, especially since I was making a treat for my boyfriend. It’s always more fun to make food with a purpose! And knowing someone else is going to enjoy it πŸ™‚

Another little recipe under my belt, another Valentine’s Day past, and another day when I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have incredible loved ones in my life. Oops, got a little mushy πŸ˜‰


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