International Cuisines

As per a great suggestion from my boyfriend and my burning desire to switch up my weekly dinner dishes, I’ve been brainstorming…
I’m going international!

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 5.39.58 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 5.41.05 PM

Okay, not really…
All that really means is that I’m going to mix up my food choices and recipes by sticking to certain cuisines weekly and changing up my dishes in that way
For example:

  • Planning my menu and shopping around different types of cuisines
  • Adding variety to old dishes by putting new culinary twists on them
  • Setting myself up to cook based on cuisine and not protein, i.e. Monday will be Italian night v. Monday will be chicken, etc

Basically, I’m hoping to plan my shopping and cooking around broadening my food horizons and giving myself more options by branching out to international cuisines.
We do A LOT of American comfort food in my house. Which, don’t get me wrong, is delicious and I enjoy it! But we do A LOT OF IT
Soups, stews, meat n potatoes, etc.

I’m going a little crazy eating variations on crockpot beef stew and chicken soup on a regular basis. When I cook just for me, I always mix it up.

  1. Italian one night
  2. Asian another
  3. Sometimes Mediterranean
  4. Other times American comfort food or Southern country cooking
  5. And sometimes Spanish or TexMex when I need some kick!

I also want to open my dad up to eating more varied meals, since my mom and I cook for him almost every night

I plan to transition into cooking by cuisine, instead of saying “chicken tonight, beef tomorrow, etc…” because that just rotates the same recipes or variations

I’ve bookmarked TONS of recipes I want to try over the past few weeks and they all span the globe of food!

Hoping to get to some of these delicious dishes in the next few weeks:

How do you mix up your food rotations? Any suggestions on more global paleo dishes? What kinds of cuisines do y’all typically cook?


2 thoughts on “International Cuisines

  1. Sometimes I find my best recipes come from having nothing/random things in the house. It makes me experiment with flavours, use different cooking techniques to normal. I think cooking techniques are a great way of changing dishes, fried tuna, grilled tuna, raw tuna with acid from a lemon… All of a sudden you have 3 entirely different dishes that suit completely different accompaniments. I hope this helps a little 😊

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