8 Burpee Variations

I don’t make nearly as many fitness posts as I’d like to, but here’s one for you all…

Ah, the dreaded burpee!
I admit, I HATED this move when I first started really working out years ago. And honestly, I hated it when I started doing them again two weeks ago…but after my new workout today, I swear by em! Combining upper body strength with core and cardio, they’re basically the perfectly evil workout move 😉

In an attempt to mix up my routine Saturday kickboxing workout, I chose a new full-body cardio routine today and I loved it!
And it was, shockingly, full of burpees– I didn’t know there were so many different forms of one exercise!

Although this is not the video I used today, she has a pretty good grasp on explaining and executing burpees so this is a pretty good resource, I think

I do the half burpees, side burpees, and a variation not shown here which is a burpee with a jumping jack in between, which is KILLER but awesome!

Never thought I’d dig these….but I feel great. Highly recommend


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