I’ve found a new love…

Okay, I’ll admit it. I sometimes miss peanut butter. Not all the time, especially with delicious alternatives like almond butter, cashew butter, sunbutter, and wonderful combinations of nuts and seeds to fill the void. However, every once in a grand while I am just DYING for some pb!!

And then I remember the following:

  • It’s not paleo
  • It’s not all that nutritional
  • It contains sugar and hydrogenated oil– ice!! (These were the biggest shockers to me when I realized why peanut butter isn’t recommended as a nut butter– and, of course, it’s not even a nut…)

Since, I’ve discovered tasty alternatives and lately SunButter has been my go-to almost daily for dipping my apple slices or just eating a couple licks off a spoon 😉

But for two reasons today, I tried something different

  1. My boyfriend is trying to kick the pb addiction, at least partially, so he got me thinking of trying something new, as he tried it and loved it!
  2. The grocery store didn’t have the type of SunButter I wanted

So today I picked up: Soy Nut Butter!!


Okay so technically I know soy isn’t paleo, but soy products are one of the few things I say TO HELL WITH IT! and keep in my diet occasionally (i.e. edamame WHICH I LOOOOVE, occasional soy nut products, soy sauce every once in a while, etc)

But anyways, if you’ve never tried it…this stuff is “liquid” gold!





Or, at least, as close as you can get to tasting like peanut butter without using icky peanuts!! I didn’t believe it until I tasted it, but that first taste wow-ed me!

I am thrilled to have found a new food to add to my day to day snacking routine and now I have just another “nut butter” on my hands for cooking and baking experimentation! Now I’ll just have to keep my portion control in check and my spoon out of the jar 😉


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