Since going paleo, I have become obsessed with fruit. And I mean that literally. 6 months ago the only fruit I ate were apples. Period. And I was even picky about those– I only ate granny smith for years…but then started to open myself up to more options and found out I love every kind of apple! And after nearly 6 months of being paleo, I’ve discovered there are barely any fruits I DON’T like, but it took me nearly 23 years to discover that and I am kicking myself for being so stubborn….


Fruit is one of the quickest, most delicious sources of food I nourish my body with. And there are so many different kinds that the options are endless!

Here’s a bunch of ways you can squeeze a serving or two of fruit into your day:

Breakfast smoothie (or anytime smoothie!)

  • Just add any combination of your favorite fruits to the blender with whatever you want– milk, yogurt, nut butter, protein powder, veggies, sweetener– the possibilities are endless! I start my smoothie with almond milk and vanilla whey protein powder and the addition of things like strawberries, bananas, kiwi, orange, blueberry, whatever fruit I’m feeling that day makes for a tasty smoothie that tastes so much like a shake, you’d think it was dessert!

On-the-go snack

  • Mid-morning, mid-afternoon, rushing out the door, grabbing something to take along, even picking up just a piece of fruit while I’m out and about if I have access to it, I work fruit into my day as a pick-me-up so I don’t crash between meals
  • I like to eat grapes, mandarin oranges, pears, apples, and oranges in these snack spots, but again…the possibilities are endless! It all depends what you have access to, but fruit is literally “fast food”

With a meal

  • This one might sound either totally weird or like a total DUH! moment, but honestly, why not add it as a side? I know I love to dip an apple in some soy nut butter on the side of my lunch or slice up a pear to compliment a piece of protein
  • Throwing fruit on a salad is delicious and great, too! Chop up some apples or pears, toss some blueberries on top of some spinach, or go a little wilder and add mandarin orange slices or grapes to make for a flavorful dish! 


  • Wait, did I say dessert??? I mean post-dinner-sweet-treat, as I’ve been calling mine lately since they are guilt free and don’t feel like dessert for me!
  • After dinner, while we’re watching tv or hanging around the house before bed, I like to throw a quick fruit salad together (grapes, orange slices, banana slices), slice up an apple or pear, or my current favorite…frozen fruit! I freeze my bananas for smoothies and my blueberries are frozen for the same reason. My go-to as of late has been this delicious little concoction:


I let the bananas and blueberries sit out in the bowl for a bit, about 15-20 minutes, so they thaw a little. Then I melt some soy nut butter (or nut butter of your choosing) and drizzle it over the top. Moments later, the butter has hardened wonderfully over the fruit and I grab a spoon and DIG IN! MMM MMMM MMMM! Tastes so sinfully delicious, I almost feel guilty! ALMOST 😉



I eat so much fruit now, I could probably be considered Fruitarian more than Paleo!
The Paleo purists would probably scold me for eating TOO much fruit because of the sugar content, but I say BRING IT ON, IT’S ALL NATURAL!!!!

I still eat my veggies and protein, too, not to worry 😉


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