Cardio Abs & my fitness funk…

I seem to have found myself in a fitness funk lately. Hmph! I should have known this would happen sooner or later in my fitness process…
I’ve been doing p90x almost religiously for just shy of 6 months
Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE IT! I feel incredible and strong and happy and fit and energetic!

However, I’m nearing the end of the full cycle of the p90x classic workout plan and I’ve grown bored with some of the routines
That combined with my doctor telling me to back off on the intense exercise (oops!) has put me in a bit of a funk

So I’ve been looking for a few new things to throw into my mix, but I’ve had a hard time finding workouts that give me a similar burn or workouts that make me feel as accomplished and sweaty and great like I feel post-p90x
I tried Jessica Smith’s Cardio Abs today and I only did half and BOY was it a burner!!!

The video here is just an intro video demonstrating the full workout routine (which is 86 minutes, yeesh!) I found Jessica’s workout On Demand and did the full Cardio Abs segment and probably half if not more of the Abs Transformer segment. I hope to try the other two workouts at some point, too!

I was a BIG fan of this workout routine– it was fast-paced, fun, energizing, and intense! I felt like I got a killer workout and worked my core, abs, legs, arms, and basically whole body! I hope I’m sore tomorrow 😉

As for dealing with this fitness funk…here’s my plan:

-Get back on track with p90x to finish this final week of the program
-Take my rest week, peppered with some yoga and long walks outside to get some moderate exercise in (rest weeks drive me CRAZY!!!)
-Start p90x 2 program and change up my fitness schedule with newer routines that still give me the results I want and will help me maintain my progress
-Work some interval running into my schedule as it starts to finally get warmer!

Stay fit and happy and healthy, friends!

Update: Since going paleo and really committing to a fitness routine, I have dropped 14 lbs, toned up, and have never felt more healthy and incredible!!
Hard work pays off, I will vouch for that!


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