Munch munch munch

My dad has been nagging me to make him some more granola lately and I finally whipped up a couple batches!

I modified the recipe I used last time in this post

I was out of almonds (gasp! this NEVER happens!) so I modified the first batch with walnuts! My dad looooves maple walnut flavored things so this batch worked out great with the maple syrup enveloping the entire recipe mmm


He goes through it so fast….that I whipped up another batch! He gave me free reign to mix up the granola each time so I put a different twist on the second batch (partially for variety, but mainly because I was out of a lot of ingredients)

The second batch uses pistachios and craisins, whereas the first batch used walnuts and raisins. I excluded the almond extract on both batches because I didn’t use almonds this time


Hopefully these will last him a while and I’ll stock up on ingredients in the meantime
Daddy, you’re welcome. Love, your daughter ❤ 😉


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