Danger danger: snack attack!

I just discovered that Larabars are paleo! I never would have guessed. I had heard that the uber bars were, but I didn’t even think to check the originals
While shopping today, my boyfriend pointed them out and I rushed over, read the ingredients, and ATTACKED the boxes, trying to choose only a few flavors…but they were 3/$5 so of course I bought 6…

This is the first one I tried, the Cashew Cookie, and it was DIVINE! I love that the only ingredients are dates and cashews– that’s IT!!!


I also bought:

  • Lemon Bar
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Cappuccino
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Carrot Cake

The website is great too, showing you exactly what goes into each flavor! And they also show the nutrition label. I’m dying to try the rest this week (oops then I’ll just have to buy more 😉 )
Huzzah, new paleo snack! And I know there are recipes to make your own so maybe I’ll experiment with that in the weeks to come and post my findings….












6 thoughts on “Danger danger: snack attack!

    • They’re great! And now a perfect pre-workout snack. I’m on to the cappuccino now and it’s delicious as well. Now I know I can toss them in my bag for on the go when I don’t know when I’ll be eating next and not have to worry about them going bad or getting smushed or spilling etc

      • Yup! Using Larabars as inspiration, I learned to make my own. Now I have complete control of the ingredients, freshness, even the flavor! I highly recommend finding some Paleo Energy Bar recipes (using whole-foods of course) and making a bar of your own!

      • That’s the plan! I’ve made similar ones before, but they were closer to the uber variety, using honey, which was too sticky for me and they ended up being more like energy bark, which was fine and delicious, but I’d definitely like to try my hand at these with such basic ingredients! A friend shared a recipe link with me so I look forward to the challenge!

      • Awesome! If you’re looking for a few more varieties, you can search for me on google with “Urban Paleo Chef Paleo Energy Bar” and you’ll find a guest-post I did on el3mentsofwellness.com which came out really amazing. It’s some of my finest work! It also includes a few suggestions on how to turn them in to a desert bar.

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