Newly addicted to Naked Juice Smoothies!!!




I never drank these before– WHO KNOWS WHY???
I’m not a juice-drinker really these days, just because they’re high in sugar, but now that I go out of my way to differentiate between natural and added sugars, I’ve slowly been reintroducing juice back into my diet

Mainly because I’ve been losing a lot of weight with paleo, but I’m not eating enough because my stomach is so small. SO I’ve been trying to find snacks that pack calories and nutrients, especially when I’m traveling/on the go

Aside from the larabars, the naked juices are my current go-to for during-the-day snacking and on-the-go nutrition


I avoid certain ones because of the non-paleo ingredients, but the “machine” flavors I am really digging! I’m glad I finally picked one up, read the ingredients, did my research, and realized they’re suitable for my lifestyle! 🙂

I’ve tried the green machine, power c machine, and strawberry banana so far and OH MAN, I am jammin on these delicious smoothies! And, of course, we all know how much of a smoothie queen I already am so these just make sense 😉




I bought the red machine and acai machine today and can’t wait to try em!!

Happy snacking!


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