A blizzard for a sunny day!

As in the dessert blizzard, that is!
It was 50+ degrees yesterday and G O R G E O U S here in Illinois where I’ve been all week for “spring break.” My boyfriend and I spent all day outside (he working on his motorcycles, me reading and laying in the sun)

Weather like this makes us crave ice cream-y treats (well, I always crave ice cream, but that’s beside the point)
Yesterday afternoon we took a walk and passed a tasti-freeze type stand and I got a wicked craving for greasy, sugary goodness, but alas, we refrained!

So instead, I whipped up a treat for us that I’ve been planning to make all week and hadn’t gotten to yet. Finally yesterday seemed like the perfect time to make it!


I’ve been learning that there are some really amazing vegan recipes that are also paleo or can be adapted to be paleo and this one fits the bill!

I found the recipe on pinterest and knew we had to try it

I modified it slightly. Now, I’m pretty weird about texture. The whole protein balls IN the blizzard was….odd for me, and for my boyfriend as well so we decided to just throw everything together and drink it like a healthy, delicious shake/smoothie/ice cream freeze instead, which is basically what it is!

Here’s my modifications:

  • Like I mentioned above, I just tossed everything together instead of making the little balls and putting them in for texture
  • We bought sea salted cashews instead of raw which added a hint of a salty-sweet flavor combination
  • Instead of coconut milk, I subbed an equal amount of vanilla unsweetened almond milk, as a personal preference
  • And I also didn’t add any extra sweetener like honey, agave, etc because I think that the dates and bananas make things sweet enough– I’ll pass on anything added!


Mmmm this blizzard was delicious! You could drink it with a straw or eat it with a spoon– her tip of putting it back in the freezer for a bit was great! Made it that much better! That one needed a spoon, for sure, but we devoured our treats! I know I’ll be making this treat again (or just modifying my morning smoothie one day to have this as a guilt-free treat!)


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