Branching out

Between Instagram, wordpress, Pinterest, and all the other places I follow and find paleo and wellness and fitness and health tips and recipes, I’ve recently stumbled across a plethora of things that interest me– namely: NUT BUTTERS!

Now, as y’all can probably tell already, I love them! And seed-butters etc, the whole nine.
Since going strictly to the raw and sugar-less varieties, I’ve had some difficutly getting the right taste. Before I realized I had been eating ones with added sugars (yes, the “organic cane sugar” IS STILL SUGAR!) I was eating them by the spoonful and just enjoying every second of almond-y, sunbutter-y goodness!
But now that I only buy the raw, roasted, organic, and natural flavors, I’ve been wanting to branch out and try some new things….

I switched over to the raw almond butter and I CANNOT STAND IT!! Without that added sweetness, or at least sea salt, it doesn’t taste good to me at all unless I hide it in a smoothie…


I switched to the roasted kind last week and it’s better than the raw, but I still can’t eat it alone or even dip my fruit in it– yuck, not my fave!



So I went online today to browse through my other options.

I recently saw someone post about this thing called Nuttzo
I’d never heard of it, but it sounded awesome so I googled it and found it for a semi-decent price (there’s never really a great price for nut butters, unfortunately…)

Image Image

I ordered it and I should be getting it next week yay! It’s like an EXPLOSION of ingredients, but no additives or sugars and I cannot WAIT to try it!! And this is their only peanut-free product so hooray!! Just look all all that goodness packed in– ahhh!


I also ordered Trader Joe’s Hint of Sea Salt Almond Butter– which is EXACTLY how I like my almond butter! I’m hoping it’s good because I really have been in this love/hate relationship with almond butter lately….and I made sure to read all the labels before ordering anything to make sure I knew what I was buying and wasn’t going to get a surprise with any hidden sugars!






Once these babies come in next week, I’ll be digging in asap! And hopefully I’ll be working on experimenting with some new recipes using these new products! Hooray spending money on things that will be worth it!


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