Friday feels good

It’s Friday night. I worked today and drove all around doing a favor for my brother his afternoon and still squeezed in a workout before 8 pm! Phew– I’d say that’s a feat in and of itself!

As I was coming through town I spotted a sign advertising a 5k and 10k river run at the end of the month and I thought to myself “why didn’t I know about this AND WHY AM I NOT SIGNED UP???”


So, on a whim, I registered! Maybe it was my solid workout despite my body being sore and trashed from the exertion I’ve put on it the past two weeks; maybe it was the killer breakfast for dinner scramble I whipped up for dinner; maybe it was the combination and the fact that these days I feel incredible about….life!


Anyways, I signed up and I may have gotten my dad to join me! Ladies and gents, I call this a good day!

And now I shall resume my Friday night in with some old friends



Who says you can’t enjoy a quiet Friday night in, watching animated films, in your comfy clothes, eating brinner?! 😉


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