The blogger problem (and a summer recipe roundup!)

This always seems to happen to me

1. Get an idea to start a blog

2. Devote many weeks building up said blog, enjoying the thrill of the “new puppy/new toy” effect

3. Eventually peter off and abandon blog, forgetting why it was so exciting to blog

4. Remember about blog and think “I should start blogging again!”


This happens with almost every type of blog I decide to start. This dates back to my oh-so-embarassing xanga phase in high school and also includes a cool poetry blog I have also since abandoned (sad face!)


I’ve been cooking up A STORM over the past few months, especially the summer months and feel the need to share my experiences!
My boyfriend, Daryn, was here for the past 5 weeks, spending the summer out here with my family and myself. Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but when we get opportunities like that, they are incredible!

Having him here meant two things for me and the kitchen:

  1. I could experiment with new recipes and treats and Daryn would be well-fed (and healthily fed, for the most part– I cook paleo meals for him about 80% of the time he is with me and I know he appreciates it and I love knowing he’s eating well!)
  2. And I could serve him whatever I made and he would eat it! HAPPILY!

These two things allowed me to get crazy in the kitchen (and spend lots of money at the grocery store….but that’s another story….)



PIctured above: 

  • PaleOMG Cinnamon Banana Waffles (not featured in the post below, but also scrumptious / my first paleo waffle recipe– check em out! Just google em!)
  • PaleOMG jam making! First try– amazing!
  • Practical Paleo Blueberry Lemon Muffins– so yum!
  • Bonus: I’ve taken to eating my almond butter & jelly on apple slices now. It’s like a better version of a sandwich and I suggest trying it

So here is a roundup of my favorite recipes as of lately:

  • PaleOMG’s Carrot Breakfast Protein Cake — this stuff is like CRACK cake, okay. I made it for breakfast this week and it’s so sinfully delicious, I feel like I’m a little kid sneaking dessert every time I indulge in a slice!
  • Civilized Caveman’s Paleo Banana Bread — this is hands down THE BEST banana bread recipe I’ve ever made, paleo and non-paleo alike. I’ve made it twice and I plan to make it again soon so I can test out new flavor combinations. The original banana plain variety is scrumptious and is great alone, with almond butter, with jelly, with coconut, grilled for breakfast, and surely as french toast if that’s your thing. I also made a cinnamon raisin walnut version that was wonderful!
  • Civilized Caveman Almond Butter Banana Pudding — as per Daryn’s request for banana pudding, I qhipped up this recipe. While it doesn’t have the exact consistency of normal pudding, it’s delicious all the same! It didn’t last long in this house…
  • PaleOMG Smoky Bacon Chili — easy, hearty, healthy, and delicious? SIGN ME UP! Made this last night for dinner for my parents and it was devoured! And it’s super easy to prepare. We love bacon in this family so bacon + chili was a no brainer!
  • PaleOMG Raspberry-Blueberry Jelly — this one is a GEM! I have now started making my own custom jars of jelly and am hoping to give them as gifts this Christmas and maybe even start selling them locally. That’s how DANG GOOD this jelly is! AND IT IS EASIER THAN COUNTING TO 100– okay, maybe not, but it’s stupid easy and delicious. Test it out. Try different flavor combinations. Win over family members. Champion at life 🙂
  • The Girl Who Went Paleo Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies (or as I like to call them, sticky pumpkin breakfast cookies ) — These are so daaaang delicious! As you can see, I’ve been making lots of treats 😉 But I’ve wanted to try so many things and I had a willing audience to be my guinea pigs. Also, I’m still in the process of winning over a couple of not-so-sure-about-paleo family members and BOY did these do it! Sticky and gooey and mmm. Also– I’m obsessed with pumpkin things. And I know it only just turned August, but I’ve made more pumpkin things in the past 2 weeks than I maybe did all last fall so. This fall…LOOK OUT WORLD
  • Paleo Parents Spaghetti alla Carbonara — this recipe I can’t link to, as it’s in the Beyon Bacon cookbook, but I suggest getting your hands on the book or at least a copy of the recipe (ask a friend!) It was delicious! I typically eat everything so spicy I’m crying by the end of every meal AND I LOVE IT, so my taste buds were in for a change with this recipe. It wasn’t spicy at all– indeed it was savory and delicious though! It takes a bit to prepare and has a lot of steps and takes about an hour from start to finish, but it was a crowd pleaser at dinner that night!
  • Paleo Parents ELaD Waffles (Frozen Waffles) — Made these for breakfast one morning and now that I am armed with a waffle iron, it’s hard for me to not make waffles every morning! These are also great if you’re doing a 21DSD or just don’t prefer a super sweet treat. 
  • PaleOMG Pumpkin Waffles — okay these are HANDS DOWN my favorite waffle recipe. Ever ever EVER! Like I said: pumpkin obsession. I made them for myself one morning and I had to remind myself to only eat 1-2 servings because I wanted to save the rest for later and not feel like a fatty 😉 HOWEVER saving them for later was an amazing idea because they work so well as a sweet bread alternative. I made an almond butter & jelly sandwich snack with these waffles and wow, never ever will I want to eat bread ever again (not that I did, but this made my decision to stay grain-free solid )
  • PaleOMG Lemon Poppyseed Waffles — while no pumpkin waffle, these were still delicious. My boyfriend loved them and they made the house smell incredible all morning! I want to try them out again and make them even MORE lemon-y so, lemon poppyseed waffles, I’m comin back for you!
  • Elana’s Pantry Lemon Poppyseed Mini Muffins — aside from being absolutely scrumptious, these little muffins are SO CUTE! I could probably pop 6 in my mouth in a row if I wasn’t exercising self control…..super easy, light, aromatic, and yummy! Boom. 
  • Practical Paleo Blueberry Lemon Muffins — my boyfriend really has a thing for this combination and when I had bookmarked a recipe and never tried it, the timing was perfect! These are the perfect balance of flavor and taste wonderful with some of that homemade jelly and even a swipe of almond butter! Mmmm. The recipe is from the Practical Paleo cookbook, which is a nice, started cookbook with informative charts, steps to becoming paleo, and tips and tricks for virtually any issue/concern
  • Roasted Broccoli or Caulifower — oh, something that isn’t a treat/cheat?? Yes. This one is a side dish that is too good not to pass along! I love broccoli, probably more than most people you’ll ever meet. But I was getting bored with just steamed or raw broccoli so I cracked open my Paleo Comfort Foods Cookbook and flipped through the pages I had flagged months ago and VOILA! It’s a nice change to roast that broccoli or cauliflower in some olive oil, pepper, and salt. Just slightly crispy and crunchy with some flavor? Yes please
  • And lastly, of course, another pumpkin recipe! PaleOMG’s Pumpkin Granola — HOLY WOW, this stuff was in the oven as I typed this and I just took it out and YUM YUM YUM I cannot wait for it to cool so I can eat a bowl of this with some ice cold almond milk. The first bite hooked me (not that PALEO PUMPKIN GRANOLA didn’t hook me initially, but that first bite– yowza) and I am going to have to hide this stuff from my family and myself so it lasts more than 24 hours…! EEP! PUMPKIN SEASON IS COMING! I AM READY!

That’s it for now, but know more roundups are coming! I haven’t done too many originals lately– just kind of throwing things together to make delicious dishes, but nothing formal lately. However, I am working on a little cookbook just for Daryn, as he requested some easy paleo-ish recipes that he can make now that he’s back home and cooking for himself again so maybe some more originals are coming…?

On a related note, if you don’t regularly check out PaleOMG and Civilized Caveman’s sites and/or social networking outlets, do yourself a favor AND DO IT!

Juli of PaleOMG is flipping hilarious! And her recipes never disappoint!!
George of Civilized Caveman is also a warm, friendly, witty dude (not that I’ve met him, but interacting with him via his website and instagram accounts gives me this impression. Plus, I witness the gracious, funny way he interacts with other paleo community members and I just know he’s the greatest dude around)

I also follow much of the activity that the Paleo Parents display on their various networking outlets, as well at Danielle over at AgainstAllGrain and Jenni @ theurbanposer! I get almost all my recipes from these wonderful, paleo resources, or else I just click around the internet and see if anything strikes my fancy!



Hope all is well and healthy

Stephanie 🙂


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