Weekend breakfasts

I always like to switch things up on the weekend for my breakfast/brunch options. It feels more exciting and fun to whip up something new or interesting on a Saturday or Sunday morning as opposed to trying to squeeze in a new recipe find on a weekday morning.

Lately I’ve been recipe testing a lot of things I’ve found online (note: just because it’s online DOES NOT mean it’s a good recipe…I’ve been learning this a lot lately ;))

I’ve found a niche lately with morning omelets after making some of PaleOMG’s breakfast sausage! Such an easy, quick, delicious recipe. I made a batch last week and have been adding it to my omelets to punch up the eggs in the morning. Pairing that slightly spicy sausage with kale, spinach, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, and grape tomatoes is SCRUMPTIOUS!


However, Sunday mornings tend to be big breakfast mornings in our house. Pancakes. Waffles. Eggs. French toast. Muffins. Toast. Etc etc etc.

Since going paleo (and finally getting myself off my smoothie everysingleday kick), I’ve wanted to join in on the fun so I try out recipes on Sundays for things like paleo waffles, paleo pancakes, paleo breads and muffins, and lately– paleo porridge/n’oatmeal/hot cereal!

Now, I know it’s only August still, but I LOVE FALL, and it’s been on the cool side for summer so whipping up a batch of quick n’oatmeal or porridge is a great morning option or cozy late-dinner option.

These are my current faves:

  1. I tried Coconut Porridge this morning and it is the closest thing to oatmeal as I think paleo can ever get! If I hadn’t made it myself, I would have thought it was made from oats! I am definitely planning to make it again, maybe even tomorrow! Yum yum yum
  1. The second my mom and I have been enjoying lately is fastpaleo’s Creamy N’Oatmeal. Again, tastes pretty much like oatmeal– similar consistency. Not JUST LIKE it, like the coconut porridge, but delicious and filling! This one has bananas in it, which sometimes bother my stomach so I only make this one sparingly, but it’s yummy and filling, especially topped with some homemade preserves and almond butter MMM



Now that fall is coming, I’m on the lookout for more cool-weather recipes of all kinds– mostly pumpkin, but I’m up for anything! Hot cereals, autumnal/seasonal eats, etc.



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