Wow, I abandoned this blog for almost two years OOPS

This always happens. I’m not surprised…but I’m disappointed with myself. I basically just “blog” on instagram now, aka I just post everything about my life, specifically my food and lifestyle mumbo jumbo, on there. I love the IG community, especially for health and fitness!

But now I think I want to creep back into blogging…at least for a short while and see where I can take this and what I can really do with a blog

Basically everything important that has happened to me in the past 2 years is up on my instagram, so check that out if you’re interested!

I think this blog needs a MAKEOVER and some MARKETING so stay tuned for that (aka welcome to all you new people who are going to flock here and who didn’t even know I blogged here before heheh)

For now…..here’s some of my greatest hits and a recipe to tide you over until I really do some construction on this place

In case anyone forgot what I looked like…here’s me! Over the weekend, I met my boyfriend’s entire extended family (finally after 3.5 years) and it went really well! IMG_1406

In other news, I’m getting HELLA strong and improving in all areas of my fitness. My muscles are getting stronger, I’m improving my flexibility and my variety of yoga poses, but I’m also taking it easy and recovering at the moment because I have lost a bit too much weight and need to scale back the hardcore workouts for a bit so lately it’s been long walks, barre, and pilates!


I made these DELICIOUS scones from Elana’s Pantry a few months ago and they were so yummy! I swapped the chocolate chips for blueberries and cranberries and my boyfriend and I ate them up!

And sometimes, I do apple sammies for lunch in place of bread. It’s a nice mixup for midday meals when I’m feeling in a funk or need a new lunch option (especially on days I need higher amounts of carbs, which is MOST days)

IMG_9928 IMG_9492

I won a prize box back in december and got to test some Paleoful cookies AND THEY ROCKED! I’ve become even more sensitive to nuts so I was happy to try the sunfloewr seed based ones. I made them for my brother’s birthday (he’s non-paleo) and they went over well! I also thought they were so easy to make, as sometimes paleo baking is tricky so I was thankful for that. AND they were delicious!


Meals lately have looked like the following:




Last week, my boyfriend and I were gifted some greens so I’ve been experimenting with using those and we are planning for the future when we eventually will have a garden of our own. I can’t wait until we have the space and time and resources for producing more of our own things!


And last but not least, I’m 2/3 of my way through my graduate program!!!

So lately my dad and mom have taken me out to eat, my choice, to celebrate my achievements, progress, and straight A’s! I picked a new local place, Blue Plate Kitchen, twice in one week (once for breakfast, once for dinner) and was so blown away by their healthy options and accommodations for people who eat…like me! They were very gluten-free friendly, happy to answer questions and do substitutions, and used fresh and local ingredients. Can’t wait to go back and try some of their menu again later in the summer!IMG_1179

So that’s an update for those few (if any) of you who will see this

Hopefully I will resurrect this page. If not…at least I tried 😉



3 thoughts on “I’m BAAACK

  1. Great… I look forward to see you more often around because I love all those yummy food you jst post and also might get to know some more bout fitness..because everytime i try to get right on track..i end up being lazy.lol Please do visit my blog too sometimes..

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