ReIntros and reiteration

Now that I’m finally connecting and engaging in the social community of the health and wellness world and carving out a little place for myself in this area, I felt it was time to do some reintroducing of myself, my life, and my mission via my Instagram

So since this is a similar sphere for me, I’ll share the post I made on there:


Well hello and welcome! Some new followers have been cropping up and I thought I would take an opportunity to introduce the girl behind the IG! Also: shoutout to all my friends and longtime followers for still hanging around and being gems 😘


I’m Steph! I’m 25, a graduate student working my way towards a masters degree in counseling which will allow me to be a school counselor a year from now and eventually a licensed children and adolescent private practice counselor!


I’m super passionate about health, food, and fitness, so you’ll see a lot of that here! I’ve recently begun creating more of an identity here and forging connections in this social networking community. The majority of my foodie posts are #paleo / #glutenfree (unless otherwise specified) and I love trying new recipes, healthifying former favorites (especially for my family and boyfriend), and experimenting in the kitchen and with becoming more sustainable and homemade based. And vegetables are my actual, for real favorite food group 😏


I enjoy exercise and keeping fit and making myself ready for anything that may come my way. When I’m not eating (which is rare) or in the kitchen or working out, other hobbies include: reading (voraciously), being outside, and learning new things! I am also an avid feminist and love hardcore girl jams and boy bands ✨

I’m New England based, but currently in the Midwest spending summer break with my long-distance boyfriend of whom you will see copious photos. I also love posting selfies so you’ll see my face and my fashion a lot!


That’s all the important stuff you really need to know if you’re engaging with me in this platform. I also am working on resurrecting my blog (link in profile) which I will be periodically updating and linking to on here- but the majority of my life goes HERE ✨

Anyways, welcome to my quirky little life!


P.S. I’m still figuring out formatting and what I like and styles etc on here. So bear with me….


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