image1 The past few years I started making my dad homemade granola for holidays and then on a more regular basis. It was something I felt was personal and spoke to who I was as a gift giver. Lately I’ve been paleo-fying just about everything I can as per requests from my boyfriend, Daryn (some of you are familiar with him via my IG or in real life). I always go by “if there’s a will there’s a way” with these kinds of requests. I’ve had general success recreating some of his and our favorite foods to fit my (and 80% of the time, his) lifestyle. Last week I baked chocolate donuts and I’ve been promising him vanilla bean scones for quite some time. Back in March I did cranberry blueberry scones and I even tried yuca fries! I like that we share in this foodie experience together and that he loves being my guinea pig for recipe testing So a few days ago he asked if I could come up with a healthier alternative to store-bought granola so he can eat it like cereal on mornings he works. He usually does oatmeal, which is a big part of his 20% non-paleo routine and I told him I knew a great crockpot granola recipe that I’ve used for my dad in the past. Then he asked if I would eat it, too, if I made it more geared towards my own preferences so I thought…sure, why not!? This recipe is adapted from a super easy, customizable recipe for Crockpot Granola from Barefeet in the Kitchen! I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to just replace the amount of oats with non-oat ingredients and see where it went from there. On the first attempt, I found success! Introducing….

[Crockpot] Cinna-Seed-Ola

This stuff is crazy-delicious! The best way I can describe it is “like cinnamon-y chunky peanut butter” and D says it reminds him of Puppy Chow. He’s is calling it “Fancy Bird Food For People” but it’s not all that catchy so Cinna-Seed-Ola it is!

This came together quickly and easily and it’s a slow cooker creation, which makes it better in my book! Keep in mind: this will not replicate a classic granola texture because of the lack of oats, but it does fill a similar craving and flavor profile

Note: this is easily customizable. I made this version nut free due to my sensitivities but you could very well substitute any nuts/seeds you like or have on hand. Same goes with the nut/seed butter and flavors and dried fruit additions. This is a good base and I’ll be testing tons of variations once we eat through this batch!

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 4.08.23 PMWe’ll eat this for breakfast or snack on it throughout the day or late at night. It’s a good any time recipe. In fact, D took it for breakfast on the go for work today- conveniently store in mason jars, he just grabbed one, strapped it to his bag, and went on his way! WIN! I hope you enjoy it!


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