I’m Stephanie, a 25-year old kitchen hogger and sorta wannabe blogger.

I’ll post here about my food and fitness and lifestyle, focusing predominatinyly on paleo and clean eating, personal fitness, tips/tibdits, and some product reviews for certain programs I’m enrolled in. I’m also in graduate school to earn my Masters in counseling to eventually become a school counselor so sometimes I share about my school shenanigans and my adventures as a substitute teacher/tutor/teaching assistant/babysitter

I’m hoping to start creating more original recipes and sharing them here. Otherwise, I’ll be talking about what I eat, how I experiment in the kitchen, whose recipes I’m testing and LOVING, and other related things. When I’m not eating (which is rare), creating in the kitchen, or exercising, you might find me curled up with Netflix or a good book, video-chatting with my long-distance boyfriend, or locked in a family game night with the other hooligans in my house

Don’t be shy– pop in, say hello, share some stories and recipes, and enjoy!



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